VIP Session

Do you have a great book burning inside of you waiting to come out, but you don’t know what information goes in and what does not? You don’t know how to structure it so that people will want to read it, and you don’t know how to make sure it delivers compelling outcomes. That’s what we do at Spotlight Publishing. (Plus: Get Access to Your Journey to Authorship Course)

Your Voice Needs To Be Heard. Get A HUGE Advantage With A VIP Session! 

  • Take your book from idea to an outline and a plan – mindmap your strategy.
  • Get clarity on your ideal target audience.
  • Curate a Content Strategy for the book and supporting business building materials.
  • Content Creation Strategies (speak your book/get transcribed).
  • Discover a Title and Subtitle Strategy to get the attention your target audience.
  • Explore other revenue sources such as journals, workbooks, additional books in a series, and courses.
  • Maximize your time, energy and efficiency so you can start, and easily finish your book without putting the rest of your life on hold.
  • Tips for staying inspired and in your creative groove from start to finish so you can avoid getting stuck, stalled, or derailed.
  • Become confident in your ability to create your book and uncover your unique voice, tone, story, and
  • Tap into the passion, inspiration, and ease of creating your book(s).

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