Using Story Telling In Marketing

This short course discusses using Storytelling in Marketing. All businesses know that marketing is an essential ingredient in growing a business. Storytelling, woven into your social media posts, email, blogs, videos, podcasts, Facebook Lives, etc. is a powerful way to connect with clients and potential clients. With careful thought and planning, you can build on the story/stories you want to convey.


Some of the Key Points You Will Learn

  • The real subject of your story is the emotion it elicits in your audience. Focus on the emotion.
  • Why start at the beginning? Begin your story with a key turning point or emotional moment.
  • How to come up with story ideas - What stories inspired you to take action? Why?
  • Essential elements of storytelling; Good characters, interesting plot & resolution.
  • How to tell your story visually. Visuals appeal strongly to our emotions and are easy to understand.
  • Make sure your stories are on-brand. They need to be consistent with your brand image.
  • Are there any slow parts you can cut? Cutting out the fluff or filler will streamline your story.
  • Know your audience and cater to them. Tell them a story they'll love and find inspirational.
  • Take the time to create stories that are structured well. Spend the time you need on planning.
  • Storytelling 101 - Take apart your favorite stories to discover what makes them tick.
  • & More!

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