Ultimate Book Marketing & Launch Formula

Designing a strong book launch plan requires you to understand the fundamental difference between your book marketing plan (or your overall author brand strategy) and the plan required to launch one specific book.

The key difference is this:

While your book marketing plan is fluid and ongoing, your book launch plan culminates at a specific point in time—while building anticipation along the way.

You will LOVE our 20 great launch marketing techniques and learn how to implement the ones you decide to use.


We Cover:

- Book Launch Planning Tools and Resources

- You Book Website or Landing Page

- Review Campaigns and Endorsements

- Media Kits

- Marketing Materials

- Email & Social Media Campaigns

- Speaking Engagements

- Amazon Bestseller Campaigns

- Tele-summits and Webinars 

- Joint Venture Partnerships

- & So Much More! 

Treat your Book as Your Business Your Book is a Tool for Growing Strong Business Use it Wisely!



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