Journey To Authorship

This Value Packed Six Module Course is for YOU if:


  1. You have a book in you and have no idea where and how to begin your author journey.​​​​​​
  2. You are ready to bring your stories, your wisdom and expertise to the world in impactful and powerful ways.
  3. Want a step by step guide to set you up to become a published author.



This step by step training includes:

6 Content Rich Modules: each filled with short, simple to understand and implement strategies and steps; video instructions; and resources to tap into

Facebook Support Group – Join other aspiring authors on their own journeys. Receive feedback and support.

Three (3) Group Coaching Calls for Q and A

"Your Journey to Authorship taught by Spotlight Publishing has been a godsend for me. It gave me clarity, taught me what I needed to implement not only into my book, but also my marketing, and simplified my steps to becoming a #1 Bestselling author. I am delighted I invested in the course!"

Joanne D

"There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to becoming an author. I knew I had a book in me, but through numerous stops and starts, it stayed on the back burner for almost five years. Having come across Journey to Authorship, and taking the time to dive into their excellent training, I am so excited to say that my book will soon be published. Book writing…and marketing was NOT my area of expertise. Now I can feel confident that I am bringing a work of heart that will bring value to our world."

Steven C

Gain the Mindset, Skillsets, and Toolsets to become a successful published author!


  1. Learn How and Why a book can benefit your business
  2. Discover how to use your book as a tool for exposure, gaining clients for business growth.
  3. Test your book idea to determine how it will fare in the marketplace, and also what the competition is doing.
  4. Create a bestselling book outline, title, and subtitle.
  5. Know the keywords to incorporate into both the words in your book and in marketing.
  6. Explore the power of weaving your stories into the book in ways that will captivate, engage, and attract those who need to hear your message.
  7. How to schedule your time and calendar to get your work completed.
  8. Key Components of a striking, attention-getting book cover.
  9. Create a path to getting published and becoming a bestselling authorand an impactful influencer.
  10. Learn best practices for marketing your book and keeping both your book and business in the SPOTLIGHT.

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