How To Become An Impactful Influencer

Becoming an Influencer requires a proven social networking strategy along with relationship building skills. Following a proven guide to becoming a market influencer gets you there faster.   

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Want to become a market leader? Think from your prospect’s mindset, not your own

  • Target a small, well defined niche
  • Use software and apps (free and paid) to gauge your level of industry influence
  • The more places you are "out there", the greater chance you will be viewed as a market force
  • Writing guest blog posts can position you as a knowledgeable source of information in your field

Being an Industry Influencer is About Perception

  • Create information products that solve your prospects' problems to build market influence

  • Storytelling is an important skill that can boost your influence in your target niche

  • LinkedIn is a great place to grow your social influence in a B2B market or niche

Where Should You Be to Create Market Influence?

  • Start a podcast and reach millions

  • Contributing content for local print media outlets promotes visibility and influence in your field

  • Writing a book in your field creates immediate respect and market authority

Being an Industry Influencer is About Perception

  • Solve just one big problem for your prospects to become a powerful market influence quickly
  • Piggyback influence other market leaders have by developing relationships with them
  • Focus on being the go-to expert in a specific area 

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