Helping Hands

One thing shared in common by the stories chronicled in this book is that Helping Hands for Single Moms (HHFSM) partnered with each of these moms at some point on their path to success. As an organization, we are honored to have come alongside and provided that helping hand during a time when their journey was the most difficult.

HHFSM was founded in 2002 as a grassroots nonprofit in Phoenix, Arizona, to assist low-income single mom families while the mother attains a postsecondary education, financial independence, and a positive family legacy.

Since that time, we have provided over $6 million in scholarships and services to hundreds of low income single mom college student families. With our assistance, 271 single moms have earned a college degree and obtained jobs with an average annual starting salary of over $50,000 with benefits


Here Is Just Some Of The Work Helping Hands Has Done With Us:



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