Calm Parents Confident Kids - Featuring Train Your Brain Philosophies

We celebrate the launch of this amazing book while showcasing 15 contributing authors who bring their insights to the world in the form of fascinating stories and insightful musings. 

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In the vastness of the human experience, we sometimes overlook the relationships most precious to our hearts. That of our sacred privilege and responsibility to nurture all children. Conscious Brain Training from your heart is a key to cultivating happiness.

This book asks parents and teachers to reimagine how to teach and learn with their children. Instead of for them (and sometimes against everyone’s best interests.)

It provides easy-to-follow steps for how to neutralize negative programs with compassion, joy, and love.

In the words of The Mind Aware creator, Dana Wilde, 

"But the best benefit of training my brain is that I know how to stay emotionally aligned. I know how to be authentically, deeply happy. Happiness is something that all of us have at our...

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