Time to Play Black Jack! How to Win More and Lose Less

Learn winning money management techniques for new and recreational players of blackjack! This is a time-proven method for winning MONEY at blackjack and, more importantly, keeping it!

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It includes establishing a budget (a set bankroll) according to a few basic rules. My system has been tested and refined by my extended family over years of playing winning blackjack. We’ve gained countless hours of play and entertainment applying these principles!!

This book is a quick and easy read, with charts showing how and why the management system works regardless of the amount of money you feel comfortable risking. It also contains helpful advice for tipping at the casino and why you should apply for a player card.

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Excellent Workable Blackjack Strategy



Written by Johnny Lee

Johnny Lee lives in Sutter Creek, CA, with his wife. He has three children, eleven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Johnny...

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