Success or Failure - The Choice is Yours by Tom Loegering

author spotlight Apr 23, 2020

Expand your comfort zone to include your dreams and goals. Read how using this workbook helped businessmen and women, a job seeker, a senior citizen, a minister, and a recent college graduate. Read how it can help you too. This book can help you plan to go from your present financial position to enjoy a financially worry-free retirement.

Tom Loegering is quite a legend here in the Phoenix area.  

Tom was a successful entrepreneur in real estate in southern California prior to moving to Sun City, Arizona in 2004. Soon after moving, he happened upon the opportunity to purchase Sun City Country Club with my family.

It became his responsibility to grow the membership and in doing so I became aware of some disturbing information regarding golf participation. Since 2008 the number of golf rounds played across the nation has been steadily and alarmingly declining. An overall decline of 20% in the last 10 yrs and a 35% decline in 18-35yr olds.

Tom began Golf Programs in Schools.

Golf Program in Schools is 5-day program with one of the days being a field trip to Sun City Country Club. Students completing the program receive a free Jr membership at SCCC good for free golf year-round until high school graduation, when accompanied by a paying adult. The goal is for families to enjoy playing golf together in a social media-free zone! With the close of school year 2019, GPS has introduced over 26,000 students to golf, and with additional funding will introduce 20,000 more students to golf in the 2019-2020 school year.

List of Approved Districts:
Peoria Unified School District
Agua Fria School District
Glendale High School District
Dysart Unified School District
Tolleson Elementary School District
Pendergast Elementary School District
Glendale Elementary School District
Litchfield Elementary School District

Lessons at the GPS Academy are designed to build upon the fundamentals (Grip, Posture & Swing GPS) and if this is your first time to enjoy golf, learning these fundamentals will set the platform for your GPS.  We play this game to have fun and that’s how we’ve designed our classes.  Our coaches love the game and their enthusiastic approach is infectious.

All lessons will take place at Sun City Country Club.  Our golf simulator and ‘Academy Clubroom,’ also allow us to conduct workshops and homework components of the program.  Golfers enjoy the use of all Country Club facilities during lessons, including driving range, putting green, chipping area, and the course.  Respect of Club rules and regulations are required.

Maximum of 6:1 coach to student ratio (younger age classes 4:1)
Golfers will be able to learn, practice, and apply the focus of each lesson.

The GPS Academy allows students to develop:
– Acquisition of Golf’s ‘Fundamentals’ (Alignment, Grip, Posture, Swing)
– Decision making skills
– Motor skill maturity
– Mental and physiological awareness
– Goal setting, planning and executing
– Golf and life balance education
– Self-respect
– Accountability & Responsibility

 He has also mentored over 1,000 individuals to financial success principles, which is the subject of his book being released on Amazon today.  Here is the link to pick up your copy:

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