The Change Agents - Whispers in the Wind

With delight, Spotlight Publishing showcases Sarah E. Lewis.

Her book is now available in bookstores and she has received some quite remarkable 5 Star Reviews from Readers Favorite. 

Sarah E. Lewis developed a love for animals and the environment while growing up near Albany, New York, fueling her imagination by spending time in nature. After completing several degrees, B.A., Environmental Studies at Middlebury College, J.D. at Syracuse University College of Law, and M.S., Environmental Science at State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, she entered private law practice. Following the death of her beloved canine, Bebop, she decided to honor his memory by writing The Change Agents: Whispers in the Wind, where he is a key character. Sarah also hopes this book will inspire people to get more involved in fighting the climate crisis.

This is the storyline:

Eliza fears for her sanity after being invited to join a life-or-death climate mission by an extraordinary collection of characters. Fearful and struggling with how she can juggle their mission with her demanding job as a local TV reporter, she accepts the challenge and begins an epic adventure. Collaborating with these beings, including her previous canine companion, Bebop, to engage people more deeply in the climate fight, Eliza and her newly found friends form an unprecedented partnership uniting humans and nature in the desperate race to save their shared world from a changing climate.

Following are the 5 Star Reviews she has received so far:

Review Rating:  5 Stars  

Reviewed By Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite 

"The Change Agents is an urban fantasy novel written by Sarah E. Lewis. Eliza Vernon, a legal reporter, gets the shock of her life when a fly named Monty approaches her out of nowhere and leads her to a mysterious place full of wild creatures. Eliza becomes even more confused when she sees her beloved deceased dog, Bebop, amongst a plethora of wild animals, who address him as 'the Captain.' Bebop apologizes for faking his own death and tells her that he belongs to a secret group of nature's living creatures on a mission to stop climate change. Soon, Eliza becomes a vital member of the Change Agents. As the Agents travel to the Amazon to stop a devastating fire, they must prepare themselves for their biggest challenge yet.

The Change Agents is a charming urban fantasy novel that explores the devastating effects of climate change and its impact on nature's beautiful living beings. Through a largely non-human cast, author Sarah E. Lewis sheds light on an increasingly significant issue plaguing humanity right now that is bound to have repercussions on future generations. Lewis takes a unique premise and weaves a thoroughly entertaining narrative that makes a relevant environmental issue engaging and riveting to read. The characters are at the center of the story. Despite the large cast, each character feels distinct and brings something unique to the narrative. Apart from Eliza and Bebop's relationship, which I adored, I also found myself rooting for Jacee and his family. Highly recommended to any nature lover who enjoys fantasy. 

Review Rating:  5 Stars  

Reviewed By Francis Mont for Readers’ Favorite

The Change Agents: Whispers in the Wind by Sarah E. Lewis is a fantasy novel for concerned adults and children of any age woven around the extremely important topic of climate change as well as human-animal relationships. Eliza is a TV reporter focusing on legal issues that don’t keep her interest engaged, while still mourning the loss of her beloved dog Bebop who passed away far too young. She is roused from her depression by an unexpected source of communication: when a fly and two spiders invite her to a meeting with other animals that need her help. From that moment on the story moves at breakneck speed through mind-boggling surprises that catapult her, as a somewhat bored reporter, from one heroic act to another, earning her an international reputation as a reporter and as a highly successful crusader in the fight to save the planet.

Once I accepted the premise the story is built on, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and had a hard time putting it down. To say that Sarah E. Lewis has her heart in the right place would be an understatement. Mixed into the adventures, known and unknown pieces of information are included about the natural world, the animal kingdom, and the plight of both due to human carelessness and apathy. Rather than being depressing, Whispers in the Wind by Sarah E. Lewis is spiritually uplifting, encouraging the reader to do the little things that are in everyone’s power to implement in their own lives to slow down the fast-approaching climate disaster. The writing is easy to follow, the characters--animals and humans--are sympathetic, and the storyline has enough ups and downs to keep the reader engaged. My particular joy in reading this book is that it wasn't about the traditional fight of good against evil but mostly about intelligent problem solving and cooperation. Considering that this volume is part of a series that she calls The Change Agents, I wish her all the success in spreading the message that so desperately needs to be told.

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed By Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

It is an alarming theme in an enchanting storyline. The Change Agents: Whispers in the Wind by Sarah E. Lewis tackles an inconvenient concern but provides a comforting hope nonetheless. "How do flies and spiders summon me from my office?" This is among the tons of confusing questions that Eliza, a local TV reporter, is asking herself. She thinks she’s dreaming, but she’s not. She finds herself in a place called NoHoSap (No Homo Sapiens), a safe place for all living creatures with its restrictions on human contact. NoHoSap’s Mission Command has been following Eliza’s path on working with nature and helping the environment since a young age. It was time for her to embrace her destiny and become part of a mission that she will soon find to be more fulfilling than her current job.

You really need to consider how Sarah E. Lewis puts an original spin on an environmental story where it is not just up to a human alone, but her alliance with talking animals makes a collective voice in a crusade to save the planet. It has that enticing what-if premise; that if animals could talk, this is one of the possible scenarios that they would use to prod us to take action on climate change. This is a story that has no boundaries, and it will appeal to any reader regardless of age. It is eventful and contains enough action so that Lewis’s approach becomes more effective than just putting a mishmash of lovable characters together and creating awareness about climate change. Most of all, what I admire about The Change Agents: Whispers in the Wind is that its pace and substance have allowed me to further examine our collective responsibility to Mother Nature. I strongly recommend that you read this engrossing contemporary fairy tale. It will definitely make you respond to a wake-up call.

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