Sacred Hearts Rising - Courage Under Fire

Compiled by Brenda Hammon, Sacred Hearts Rising: Courage under Fire is the final installment in the Sacred Hearts Rising series.

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Once more, it hosts stories that will inspire you. These stories highlight the determination and strength of their writers to overcome impossible obstacles that blocked their paths.

  • Are you ready to be challenged, to be taken to that place in your heart and mind that only you know to exist?
  • Are you ready to feel that you are not alone with what has happened to you?
  • Are you ready to finally be free of the past and the images and words that haunt you?
  • Are you ready to be inspired?

If so, then this book is for you. You will read about traumatic experiences faced by these writers and how they overcame them.

Also included in this book is a segment called “Full Circle” that will not only reveal some of the past authors’ stories, but they share with you how they changed and how their lives changed when they shared their deepest secrets.

Brenda Hammon is an Alberta-based philanthropist, entrepreneur, Intuitive and Physic Medium, international bestselling author, goal setter, and a big dreamer with a mission in life to create positive change for women and end abuse.

She is an award-winning author of 8 books, an international speaker, and a vocal advocate for telling your story and helping people overcome traumatic pasts. Brenda fully believes that when we share our stories and stand together, we can change the world to be a better place for all. 

When Brenda sets a goal, she is unstoppable, even if she has to start from scratch.  In years past she bred, raised, and trained her own horses and achieved a prestigious 3rd place standing in the highly competitive Canadian Nationals Dressage Circuit. In 2004 Brenda became a full-time entrepreneur and over the next 17 years, she built companies that fulfilled her passion for helping others achieve their dreams.

After ending her 21-year dysfunctional marriage, Brenda dove into the life insurance business where she found one of her true passions in helping others in times of trouble.

Brenda continues to be a top, trusted insurance advisor and CEO of Spirit Creek Group Inc. and CEO of Spirit Creek Financial. 

Brenda has published 9 books, 3 of which were International Best Sellers, all are Canadian Best Sellers, hottest new release, and an International Reader’s Favorites award winner and creator of the YouTube Video “A Shaft of Light.”  

She published her first book in 2015 revealing the deep dark secrets of her past and what she had to do to replace her old life with the life she knew she was truly meant to live.

Brenda now speaks on stages telling her story and helping others to find their own voices and to live the life of their dreams. She is passionate about breaking the cycle of silence!  She not only courageously writes about her own story but also gives other women and men a voice by compiling and publishing their stories.

To that end, she launched Sacred Hearts Rising, which is a 4-part anthology Series, a compilation of stories from women and men who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, as well as inspiring people to lead a better life.

In this book are 18 contributing authors (including Brenda), who add richness and depth to this incredible series - Sacred Hearts Rising. 

Spotlight Publishing is honored to work alongside Brenda Hammon, as she brings this amazing book series to a culmination. 

Known Brenda, her works will continue in many and various areas, for this is the Brenda we know and have been honored to serve. 

Be sure to pick up a copy of Sacred Hearts Rising - Courage Under Fire.


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