Moving Mountains - A Hero's Journey by Audra Rene Weeks

We are delighted to announce the release of this beautiful memoir written by Audra Rene Weeks.  In this well-written and touching memoir, Audra takes you on a journey... a journey to wholeness as she learned how to rise above the traumatic dynamics of a dysfunctional family and gradually finding her way in adulthood.

Audra. She came, she saw, she conquered. This beautiful redhead CAME feeling broken but with an open mind and soul, ready for transformation; SAW the impact of her traumas on her life and experienced her emotions naturally; CONQUERED by shattering her mistaken beliefs viewing her past, present and future through different lenses.

 -Mireya Roe, MA Licensed Professional Counselor Trauma Specialist

There is an innate magical transformation that happens when one cares deeply enough to share their story with the world.

The only real failure in life is the failure to grow from what we go through. Change empowers us to see life’s transitions as opportunities for growth and provides not only the keys for shaping our lives today, but also hope for transforming our world into a place of greater love, peace, connection, and wholesomeness.

As you read the pages of this book, you will be struck by the power of a story well told. Storytelling, raw and vulnerable, brings to light untapped wisdom. Through her healing journey… A Hero’s Journey… Audra has become an advocate for the positive that comes with change and bringing the light of truth in the lives of others. Audra’s life has prepared her with unique experiences, well-earned wisdom, creative talents, and treasured gifts that she is sharing with the world.  Indeed, to come to this place, she had to Move Mountains.

Audra is a true Arizona native. She grew up in the heart of Phoenix. Belonging to a large family, she was the youngest of six children. In her adolescent years, she was an athlete involved in soccer, softball, gymnastics, and ballet. She studied psychology, philosophy, world religions, and criminal profiling in college. She later received her clinical certification in hypnotherapy as well as her certification as a Reiki Master. Audra is currently a professional nanny and a holistic healer. She is the doting mother to three children and Ommi to four grandchildren.

Audra has experienced several traumas in her life that left her with PTSD, traumatic response, and trauma patterning. She recently embarked on a healing journey through cognitive reframing therapy. Through this successful journey and her follow-up work, Audra has come to understand that trauma can be treated and even healed. She has made it her mission to share her story, and she hopes to bring hope and help to those who are navigating the pain that their own traumatic experiences have brought them.

Audra has stepped firmly onto the path of helping others and continues to put herself in the arena to change lives. She can frequently be found as a guest and co-hosts a variety of self-exploration podcasts and live talks.  You can pick up a copy of her book today!

FB: Audra Rene Weeks @A.R.Weeks

IG: @audrareneweeks


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