Carole Stizza - The ASK Framework


Available June 23rd, Carole Stizza's new book The ASK Framework, discusses questions that elevate your: 

Influence, Performance, and Leadership

When you find out the behaviors and actions you offer that others brag about, these are the very things you DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE about yourself.

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a performance review, you’re well aware that the evaluation can be more negative than positive and can leave you feeling unmotivated and dejected.

But be prepared to turn the tables in your favor! In The ASK Framework, executive coach Carole Stizza walks readers through how to gain positive, productive feedback from their supervisors, coworkers, and team members. With the right kind of responses, you can understand your strengths and discover your talents, leading to better job performance, more focused leadership, and greater career success.

Through personal illustrations and real-life examples of employees and supervisors who have put Carole’s techniques into practice, you will learn to

  • ask questions that trigger responses that note your gifts and talents;
  • control the negative and poorly delivered feedback;
  • position yourself to avoid paralysis associated with bad news;
  • revel in the value you bring to your workplace.

In an era in which many work virtually and struggle with insecurity and feeling invisible, this book offers a simple framework to find the very information that will help you gain critical information on your performance at work. You’ll be encouraged to celebrate your gifts and who you are and will acquire the tools to step into being your best self—at work and at home.

About Carole

Carole Stizza writes with the goal of empowering her readers to embrace their own unique individuality and to communicate how much they value others. Success at work depends on it.

She is a contributing author to Compassion @Work and Coach Wisdom, volume 1, and she pulls from a rich career in human resources, executive coaching, and supporting a military family across the US for twenty-six years. She holds a master's in applied industrial-organizational psychology from Colorado State University.

Connect with Carole:

[email protected] or

Interesting quotes from her book:

"Then my gut started to talk—as loud as a banging drum. The overwhelming screaming from my gut said QUIT NOW! Politely put in your two weeks’ notice and turn this into an exit interview. NOW! Get the right attention of how badly this all went and MOVE ON!

As I drove home, I took stock. It was clear to me that I either didn’t know my value or had forgotten my value and had definitely forgotten how to vouch for myself when the time was needed.

Most of us are functioning off limited information, limited ways to get the right information, and outdated habits that keep us playing small."

"Do we falsely think that knowing what we do right, what makes us special and unique, would suddenly deny us the humility we find valuable? If so, we are wrong! We all need to find out what makes us unique, how we are divinely made, and what helps us stand out in the crowd from others."

"If the pain points people experience result in the first question being, “What do I need to change for my life to get better?” You are asking the wrong question."

"Your own Superhero Powers are made real by how they are seen by others."

"When any information is given that feels like feedback, the person with the power within that conversation is not the person providing the information—it’s the receiver."

“People want so desperately to matter, and yet they measure themselves by things that don’t.”―Author and Media Strategist Ryan Holiday

"Speedbumps never stop a car; they just provide a good reminder of what to get over."

"The most positive thing we can do in this world is to positively build up another."



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