Building Financial Literacy – Dr. Joseph Blake Jr.

author showcase Feb 28, 2020

Dr. Joseph Blake’s book:  Joseph – Building Financial Literacy is now available on Amazon and Ingram Spark.

It was incredibly fun to watch him become a #1 bestselling author and to see him speak at a local networking event.

An avid reader of the Bible (he has read it 8 times cover to cover), he is a devote Christian.  His twenty-five years as an Investment Advisor guiding others to make sound financial plans and he is adamant about the need to educate others to be financially secure.

Dr. Joe, held a study at three different churches, one Anglo, one African American, and one Hispanic and build his

Dr. Blake offers an engaging and comprehensive study of financial decision-making among faithful individuals and organizations. As a long-time experienced Investment Advisor, he asks challenging questions, and offers his unique, experience-based advice to anyone who looks for guidance on how to improve their own financial situation, while being honest to their faith.

Dr. Jelena Vucetic – Author, Entrepreneur, Professor

I commend Dr. Blake for tackling the monumental topic of financial literacy in his book, JOSEPH, Building Financial Literacy. Dr. Blake motivates and encourages one to do some self-examination when it comes to handling finances and then to move from theoretical knowledge to practical know-how and application. His book contains a wealth of information and is long overdue.

                                                Keith C. Pinkard, MBA  Aerospace Science Instructor

Dr. Blake really made his vision on Financial Literacy come to life in a manner that is relatable and palatable to everyone. This book empowers you with the knowledge and wisdom to make a positive difference in ones’ life, and the ability to make wiser, more informed decisions no matter what your position in life. An inspiring and refreshing view on how financial literacy and spiritual teachings are all-encompassing and not mutually exclusive.

                                                         Canisha Current – Author and Financial Advisor 

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