Your Emergence from Leadership to Heartship by Betty Carew

“Your Emergence from Leadership to Heartship is a gentle call from a dear friend to consider the possibilities of living life trusting your innate self. An invitation to stand strong in your truth and power. It is as much a testimonial of the love of a mother for her son as it is an opening for the what if’s? Water Isle held me fast. Reflecting the limitless power of nature, the call for community, the demand for integrity and skill, knowing your limits and when to ask for help. Betty has shared her ‘path to Heartship’ with us in an initial brief offering. I truly look forward to more stories from her personal journey.”

Tracy L Tresoor MD CCFP, Physician and mother

There are millions of books about leadership, from those on how to become a first time leader, so those for the experienced leader. From my experience, the hallmarks of most of these book are the three T's - Tools, Tactics and Tips. Some of these have really helped me to learn more about myself as a leader, how to relate to people and lead with integrity. However, none of these books have touched on the HEART of leadership. 

Betty Carew's book, Your Emergence from Leadership to Heartship is a refreshing new look at leadership. Betty shares her personal journey and the lessons she's learned on her "Path to Heartship". Throughout this inspiring book, Betty shares her story, working in high-risk offshore environments where she uncovered the incredible value of the human connection. Betty's Heartship has been proven world-wide, to help everyone she works with to become a leader.

Overcoming the fear, and swimming to the surface for a new breath became symbolic for me. It was a reminder that it was time to get above the waterline – to breath the fresh air of fearing less. It was here that I was finally free to share the gifts that I had kept hidden deep inside of me.

Your Emergence From Leadership to Heartship

HEARTSHIP is making a conscious choice to be in consistent state of awareness in order to balance the mind and heart. Through this, Betty can help all of us to exit the realms of a toxic work environment and enter a new world of workplace compassion and trust, that leaders from first responders to CEO's all need to embrace and embody. 

Do not miss out on this book. 

About the Author:

Betty Lee Carew, CRSP, CHSC, has been working in the oil and gas industry in the field of health, environment and safety for over 30 years. Over the past decade, Betty has been specializing in the offshore deep-water exploration world, where she has been working with men and women from all over the globe. As an oil and gas consultant, Betty has worked alongside many of the world’s major oil companies. She was one of the supporting team members who drilled some of the deepest wells off Canada’s east coast. Her experience in the offshore drilling world has led her to share her story about a journey to a new way of being. Betty is a passionate and influential speaker, and now an international best-selling author.

Betty can be contacted at to schedule a consultation or speaking engagement.


Your Emergence From Leadership to Heartship

Betty Carew


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