Wisdom of the Silver Sisters - Guiding Grace


If you're interested in witty, moving, and transformational experiences, written by authors who answered destiny's call, this book is a must-have. A treasured, most timely collection of 46 incredible stories will have you laughing, crying, and most of all, resonating with these scribe's sacred journey called life.

What a joy to work with these amazing women who shine with the nuggets of wisdom they share with the world! 

We invite you to pick up a copy: 


Wisdom of the Silver Sisters, Guiding Grace co-compilers, net weavers, and JOY-Bringers Sandy Rogers and Sharyn G. Jordan is joined by 43 remarkable authors and the book's inspiring Foreword contributor, Olympian Hafsa Kamara, gift the world eclectic, exquisite, and enriching stories. Each chapter showcases the wisdom, courage, valiance, vulnerability, compassion, challenges, precious memories, and adventures of these Writerly's Brave Heart. Brilliant is the only way to describe this incredibly well-curated, cultivated, and emergent book! Its shining content reveals how the pockets of despair are silver-lined. The stories unfold sweet secrets of hope, celebrate perseverance, and unveils the beauty of rising above.  Each chapter is a divine dance between practical magic and everyday opportunities to witness the extraordinary. These legacy tales are applicable not simply theorized approaches to lasting fulfillment, inner peace, and happiness.

The authors' hard-won decisions about relationships, careers, family life, spiritual growth, and wellness stand victoriously tall in their stellar stories. 

Here is a listing of the inspirational chapters written from the hearts of these fabulous women:

Foreword by Hafsatu Kamara
1. Alicia Bravo - The Four Silver YaYa’s 
2. Amy Sutherland - The Last Gift
3. Andrea Brundage - The Box
4. Becky Norwood - The Divinity of Sisterhood
5. Betsy Brill - Investing in the Stuff of Memories
6. Rev. Bonnie Barnard - Meditation Saves My Life
7. Cat Parenti - The Overcoming of Incredible Odds
8. Chelsea Sutton - The Wrong Question
9. Cyndee Mubi - The Power of Color
10. Dawn Katar - From Misfit to Mystic
11. Deena Chester - Shame on Shame: SOS
12. Denise Meyer - Family Jewels 
13. Elizabeth Havlicek - The Joys of Being a Chameleon
14. Emma Porter - Daring to Ask 
15. Florine Duffield - Work in Progress
16. Jennifer Enos - Willing to Lead
17. Joan Marlow - Life Lessons 101
18. Judith Manganiello - The Healing Gift of Opposites

19. Judith McClure - The Search for God
20. Junie Swadron - In This Peace
21. Karen Malta - The Wisdom of Discerning Between
“Just Is” and “Justice” 
22. Kimberly Allain - The Lens You Use Determines the
Maps You Choose 
23. Linda Lunden - Remember
24. Lisa Beaucher - Learning To Be Comfortable Just Being Me
25. Lisa Law - Peace Begins at Home
26. Lulu Gao - A Peony Withered on My Tenth Birthday
27. Rev. Maggie Mongan - The Productive Pause Invitation:
Is it waiting for you?

28. Marie Fowler - Turn off Stress, Turn on Joy 
29. Marilyn Poscic - Have You Ever Wondered?
30. Marlene Sabatina - Growing Wisdom
31. Mary Kay Owen - My Holistic Journey to Healing
After Great Loss 
32. Melissa Myers - Surrender to the Tiger 
33. Nicoleta Taylor - Traveler
34. Norma-Jean (NJ) Strickland - Simply Living or Living
35. Pam Schuler - I Brought It with Me  
36. Patricia Holgate Haney - Sea Glass
37. Rev. PJ Boone-Edgerton Longoni - The Power of Sophia
Transforms Us for Justice
38. Sandy Rogers - Wise at Sixteen
39. Sharyn Jordan - This Writerly Journey
40. Shenayda Linda Deane - Cougar Mountain
41. Sophia Murphy - Song to Mother Earth 
42. Summer Payne - Wrinkles
43. Teresa Raquel Chavez - Filling the Void
44. Tracy Boen - There Are Angels Afoot
45. Viviane Chauvet - Ancient Intergalactic Wisdom – Journey of an Arcturian Hybrid



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