Identity, Calling, and Assignment - Defining the Difference


We proudly introduce you to Susan Cooper Creel. With a pre-launch of her new book - a workbook perfectly created to truly come to grips with your own identity, calling, and assignment from God, she quickly soared to #1 bestseller with the launch team of support that she surrounded herself with. 

In this book, she shares her own journey of self-discovery then intuitively and wisely guides others in understanding the difference between the three. 

It all started with a letter she wrote to her young daughter, then developed into the realization that she herself had spent a great deal of time examining, thinking, reading, contemplating, and praying about.

Here is a glimpse into the introduction of her book:

The Word of God is like glitter… if you open it, it gets all over you.

"I did not set out to write a book.
 When I started this journey, it felt like the most excruciating thing I had ever been through. I was frustrated, tired, angry, and my self-esteem was the lowest it had ever been.

Almost immediately, I knew I could not walk through this without Jesus Christ (I say almost because my red-headed stubbornness was convinced I could fix my current situation, but I was wrong.)

What you will be reading in these next pages started as a letter to my daughter, Kate. She was in her late teens when this journey began for me, and I knew she was watching.

Despite my God-given anti-fragility mindset, I was not able to barrel through this like I had other challenges in my life. But I was trying to raise an adult, and I knew I needed to show her how to walk this path if she ever found herself on the same one.
As I came out of the deepest parts of this journey, I decided to write her an exceptionally long letter detailing my voyage through the depression and the loss of self I had experienced.

It was meant to be my heart's prayer written for her in case she ever had to walk this trek as well. I wanted her to know that others had walked it before and there was no reason to reinvent this wheel.

As I wrote, I was able to organize my story in a way that I was able to repeat it to others. Before I knew it, the story was flowing out of me and into the lives of others. (There is something about writing things down that helps you process it).

Soon after I finished, I was asked to speak at a small women’s Bible study. I knew exactly what God wanted me to share. The women at the meeting (Holla to my Apache Sisters!) were very receptive to my story, incredibly supportive of its message, and several identified with the journey I had traveled.

One of those ladies asked me for my notes to share with a young women’s group she led. That night, I did not have notes. I had spoken extemporaneously from my heart, so I tried to email her a copy of the letter I had written to Kate. It would not email due to its size, so I posted it on Facebook for her to download.

But then I forgot about it for several hours. By the time I remembered, there were several comments from people who were blessed by it. Months later, I received a mandate from my father, Royce Cooper that this needed to be a book."

The first thing I realized at the beginning of this trial was that even though I had been reading my Bible for years, I had never learned to STUDY it. My daily Bible reading was more of a checklist item (and I am sad to say it was left unchecked on most days).

Now, we have a saying in our Bible 101 Study that

“The Word of God is like glitter. If you open it, it will get all over you!.”

It is true. If you are like I was and are just reading your Bible, it is still working on you. The Word of God will NOT return void. But this battle was going to require a deeper dive into God’s Word. I needed it IN me, not just ON me…and I did not know how to start.

I found a Bible study method called SOAP and is a method I still use today. I did not invent this method and have had no luck in finding who was the original creator of the method, but God bless them for sharing it!

SOAP is an acronym that stands for:
S – Scripture     

O – Observations

A – Application

P – Prayer

We invite you to connect with Susan and the place to start is by picking up a copy of her thought-provoking and enlightening book. She has tested her workbook out with many women and had also her Think Tank friends helping her craft this book into a masterpiece. 

“Plagued with questions of what is my calling and purpose and does my VERY secular and demanding career align with Jesus plans for my life, Susan’s book met me in my own season of an identity crisis. Susan’s transparent journey helped me see that I am on an assignment that does NOT negate my identity or my calling.”
~ LeeAnn K.
Age 40, Wife, Mother, Chemical Sales, and a heart for Jesus.

“Interesting, thought-provoking read that takes you past yesterday and beyond tomorrow. This book will be on my gift-giving list for ALL of my daughters AND my granddaughters!”
~ LaVon M.  Age 69, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and avid reader.

“A roadmap to guide you through every stage and phase of life!”
~Robin M. Age 39, Masters in Education, wife, mother,
bereaved mother, educator.

“I am a widow, a mom, and a grandmother on the large scale of my life but in moments of my life, I have been a student, a business owner, and an employee. This book confirmed what assignments are life long and which are just for a moment or season of my life.”
~ Casey W. Age 48, Widow, Mom, Grandmother

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