I've Done Some Really Dangerous Things With Hula Hoops!


This funny and charming book by Skip Wood, and fantastic illustrator Joe Figueroa will put a smile on your face!  It is available through Amazon and other online book stores.  

Kids say the funniest things, especially during Elementary Physical Education class!  “I’ve Done Some REALLY Dangerous Things with Hula Hoops!” captures some of the wildly-entertaining interactions Skip Wood and his students engaged in over a three-year span.

  • “I’ve never played this game, but I already love it!” -Kindergartener
  • “I’d get this game of ‘Capture the Flag’ going fast Mr. Woody, I have A LOT of sugar in me.” -3rd Grader
  • “I can tell you’re chewing gum Mrs. Wood, but you’re my favorite teacher so I’m not going to tell anyone!” -1st Grader

Things move lightning-quick for elementary Phys Ed teachers and trying to keep up with 5 & 6-year-olds can be exhausting.  Thankfully Skip was able to see the humor in many of his conversations with students throughout the school day and keep track of them! 

“Do yourself a favor and experience some hilarious commentary between an incredible PE Teacher and his elementary students. Pure honesty is demonstrated by these little ones and Mr. Wood is quick on his feet with his responses. A hysterical read that is sure to put a smile on your face.”

–Marisa Evans, Educator

“Watching Skip teach PE to elementary kids is a classic case of ‘edutainment’—they’re learning the ins and outs of physical fitness and everyone is being entertained!  This collection of those moments is a delightful read for all ages.”

- Nicole Coughlin, PTO Spirit Chair and wannabe student in Skip’s PE class

About Skip Wood: 

In 2014, I had taken a much-needed break from education after being a high school Physical Education teacher for 16 years. After a year away, I weighed my options and decided it was best to return to teaching. The new PE position I accepted, however, required me to teach a couple of classes at an Elementary school, something I had never done. I had no idea what I was getting into!

I was teaching High School PE in the morning and Elementary PE in the afternoon and as you might expect, there’s a vast difference between the two settings. It’s a constant battle getting high school students to put forth the effort, or even participate, during PE class. That is not the case with Elementary kids! Elementary classes enter the gym like a tornado and the storm doesn’t end for 30 minutes. It can be overwhelming and frustrating at times, but it’s always an adventure and their energy is contagious. I made it a goal to always try to match the kids’ enthusiasm and in turn, it rekindled my fire to teach.

The things Elementary kids say during class are entertaining, to say the least, and quickly became my favorite part of the job. I realized early on that if I asked a question about the day’s activity, the chance of the answer having anything to do with it were slim to none. Early on in my return to teaching, I remember asking a Kindergarten class if they had any questions about the “Jump Rope for Heart” video we had just watched to kick-off a school fundraiser. Everyone’s hands immediately shot up and I decided to call on a girl that looked like she was going to burst if she didn’t get to answer. She loudly and proudly exclaimed, “My family is getting new carpet in our house tomorrow!”

From that point on I knew I should write down some of these interactions and share them.



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