Radiant Achievement: Turn On Your Life, Your Essence, And Your Soul-Centered Calling by Christine Howard

"The radiance of a woman is fully expressed when she wholeheartedly loves herself, puts her gifts and talents into action, and passionately pursues the calling of her soul."

- Christine Howard


If you are tired of where you are in your life. If you have been experiencing heartbreak, feeling disconnected from your purpose, your unique SELF. If you are working so hard for your achievements, but feeling like you are getting no where, you NEED to read this book! 

Finally, there’s a way to set-aside relentless striving and stressing to achieve. Christine Howard has created a pioneering, innovative guide that takes you to the crossroads between being and doing, delivering a balanced approach to connecting you with the core of your radiance to allow your greatest callings and dreams to be realized.

The fact is, too many women continue to struggle with overwork, exhaustion, and lack of fulfillment.

Depression, anxiety, and isolation are all too common. In essence, women are caught in a cycle of dimming down, turning off, and living an unfulfilled life.

Using this magnificent new approach, you will begin to express more of your own authentic radiance. You will easily experience more joy and flow.  And, most of all, you will give yourself unbridled permission to live a TURNED-ON LIFE… a life where you no longer compromise or deny but instead a radiant life inspired from the heart of your soul-centered  calling.

Christine Howard's masterpiece, Radiant Achievement will give you the freedom to express yourself authentically, help you to love and appreciate who YOU are and re-energize your life and purpose. I don't know about everyone else, but all of these things are that I believe all women need to learn and embrace! 

Radiant Achievement: Turn On Your Life, Your Essence, And Your Soul-Centered Calling is now available!


About the Author:

Christine Howard is a recognized and respected business leader dedicated to creating transformative products and coaching services, books and talks instrumental for awakening the radiance and power of women’s true essence and their ability to achieve their soul centered calling.  

Her passion and commitment to inspire the lives of women came from her own transformational heartbreak. Rising from a startling diagnosis of breast cancer followed by a painful divorce, today she is known as an expert on: Radiant Achievement and teaches and speaks to audiences everywhere. She’s found that a woman’s level of self-love, appreciation and connection to their intuition and unique gifts directly impacts their ability to manifest a purposeful and empowered life.

As a visionary entrepreneur and certified life success coach, Christine has dedicated nearly two decades guiding her clients to identify and dissolve patterns and habits that block their ability to create a life of grace and ease while achieving their highest personal and professional dreams.



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