Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired? by Dr. Pat Boulogne

Why I Do What I Do...

You might ask, why would someone go back to work when they did not have to.

This is what set me on this path that pulled me out of retirement and on the following mission.

I was retired and living in Boston, then this happened…

It was the in-my-face observations of people while walking about in downtown Boston, that people were sick and did not know it!

I was stunned.

At the same time, I came across this one study by the CDC that showed of the 212 suspected dangerous chemicals tested, all were found in the blood and urine of most Americans.

It was clear that people were getting toxic and ultimately sick by the accumulatory effects of their environment.
It is estimated that by 2030, 50% of the population will be diagnosed with a chronic disease.

I am on a mission to stop that progression.

I am Dr. Pat Boulogne, and I am on a mission to stop that progression.

Many times, we just don’t know if our organs are functioning at 100% and, we know that being healthy is more than just the absence of any disease or sickness.

Let’s get a better sense of you and how you are handling your immediate environment… It is so easy to get accustomed to thinking it my age, it's my lot in life, it's my genetics, and - it is just the way it is.

This costs you time, and that is something you cannot make up or have enough of. Once it happens, it is gone, and you are left with a memory or regret.

So, let’s see if you should pay more attention now.

Check-in with yourself and get a sense of something in your health that may be going on with your bottom line, and look at getting back to basics.

Dr. Patricia Boulogne is passionate about health and vitality. Her book has a series of in-depth questionnaires that are clear and concise and are invaluable for getting to the root of the health issues you may be facing. 

Be sure to pick up a copy today! 



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