Outwitting the Manipulator: Protecting Yourself in Real-Time

"The best armor you can have against manipulation is awareness, information, and preparation for the tactics they use in real-time."

Outwitting the Manipulator


In a time of social media, fake news and technology enabling us to communicate with more people around the world, manipulation often comes to us from all sides. Communication, the main tool of the master manipulator, is one they use to their advantage to impact, cause a reaction and ultimately control you in that moment. Whether its verbally backing you into a corner to “save face” or avoid embarrassment at the workplace or feeling pressured into doing what a family member or friend wants, regardless of your wants and needs, manipulation is everywhere.

Robin Golinski and Dr Dennis Becker’s latest masterpiece, Outwitting the Manipulator is a must read for ANYONE who has ever felt like there is someone in their lives pulling the strings to force them to act, say or do things that they personally do not want to do.

Contrary to how most books about psychology and recovering from the damage of a manipulator, Dr Becker and Robin have approached manipulation completely differently. They have done the research, interviewing both those who have been manipulated AND a manipulator to find the keys to unlocking how the manipulation happens. With their help, you will have the tools to stop them in their tracks.

When you can identify the manipulation in real time, having that awareness of exactly what that person is trying to do is the first step to your freedom. In Outwitting the Manipulator, you will get the tools you can use as the manipulation is taking place, giving you the power to both protect yourself and take control in real time.

This book has the power to not only take control of your life, but change it for the better. Don't wait, pick up this book today!


About the Authors:

Dr. Dennis Becker has appeared before hundreds of clubs and organizations, from local community groups to national associations. He's been featured on radio and television programs as a guest expert and motivational speaker. Dr. Becker has taught at both Harvard and MIT, coached leaders of companies and countries, including the heads of two USA Presidential elections. One of Dr. Becker's greatest accomplishments is, along with his wife, founding America's oldest speech coaching and communication firm, The Speech Improvement Company, which has served more than a million clients worldwide. Outwitting The Manipulator: Protecting Yourself in Real-Time is Dr. Becker's eighth book related to communication.  

Robin Golinski is a successful Executive Communication Coach with The Speech Improvement Company. She has more than 20 years of experience in developing and leading communication training/coaching programs for clients worldwide. In addition to her degree from Oakland University, she is nationally certified by The Instructor Training Institute. Robin performs as a storyteller, stand-up comedienne, and emcee whenever she can. She is the founder of Boston Comedy Chicks, an organization devoted to developing and showcasing female comedic talent Helping people with Outwitting the Manipulator: Protecting Yourself in Real-Time is her current inspiration and passion. 


Be sure to pick up a copy of their inspiring book today!


Outwitting the Manipulator: Protecting Yourself in Real-Time

Dr Dennis Becker

Robin Golinski



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