21 Women Who Changed the World by Kirk Fowler

Kirk Fowler of Scottsdale, Arizona has led an impressive life.  He retired as Head of Intelligence of the Drug Enforcement Administration for Central America and Mexico and served as Head of Intelligence for a seven-state area, as well as task forces composed of city, county, and state narcotics officers.  After retirement, Kirk performed background investigations for various government agencies.  He also worked pro bono for ten years to help free an innocent woman from death row. 

As one of the highest-ranking black belts in the United States in the martial art of Ki-Aikido, he is in charge of a two-state area for the Ki Society International.  Ki-Aikido is a form of self-defense through non-violent principles and the coordination of mind and body.  These principles can be applied to situations and experiences in everyday life.  It has been said to be a way to help reconcile the world. Kirk has taught at the Arizona State Police Academy, the Arizona State Prison, various corporations' security departments, and at worldwide seminars. 

Kirk still actively teaches Ki-Aikido in Scottsdale Arizona at www.arizonakisociety.com  His newest project is a set of online videos that teaches people a combination of simple self-defense techniques and mindfulness training.  He also shows people how to actually test how their mental attitudes affect their lives.  These were designed so that the elderly can also easily use them.  For more information, go to www.freedomfromfear.net

Yet, with the many accomplishments, and the remarkable ways that he has made a difference, his pause for reflection and the writing of his book is simply one more way that he chooses to shine in our world. 

In Kirk's words: "Women bring a grace and beauty to life that, quite frankly, men are incapable of. Without the love and nurturing received from our mothers, aunts, and grandmothers during our early years few of the male species would have ever grown up to be kind, loving, and civilized men.

Women have taught me how to read and think, and how to feed and dress myself. My understanding of the world has been largely due to the role of the amazing women who have graced my life.

The kindness of women I have been fortunate to meet, and get to know, has brought me laughter and happiness that are as close to heaven as I am liable to get while living on planet earth.

This book is a showcase of remarkable women from the beginning of recorded history till today and is my humble way of saying thank you… thank you a million times over for the impressive role and special gifts you bring to our world."

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Available as a Kindle and Paperback book.


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