Heroes in Our Midst - Single Mom - You are a Hero!


This incredible book is now available in book stores!  

Single Mom - You are a Hero! 

You may not consider yourself one. You may have never been celebrated as such. In fact, the culture may be treating you much differently. In some circles, you feel as though you have failed and that you and your children are now a burden on society. Your potential has been stifled, your dreams will never be, and your only chance at redemption can be found in marriage and taking on the appearance of a “normal” family.

Do not let the opinions of others define you. True heroes are admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. You, the single mom, are a warrior standing in the gap to lead, nurture, and protect your children. You are, by definition, a hero.

Heroes in Our Midst was written for you. The women who share their stories want you to know that just as they were able to rise above their challenges, you can too. Through these pages, be inspired and reminded that:

  • You are a hero.
  • Look up. The Greatest Hero will give you wisdom and insight to lead well.
  • People you don’t even know believe in you. Organizations like Helping Hands for Single Moms are for you and exist to encourage you on your journey.

Every mom in this book thought at one time that she was no one special, just another of society’s single moms. Learn from and be encouraged by the power fierce love has to change a mom’s life for the sake of her children.

To all moms, dads, siblings, friends, and pastors of single moms: Heroes in Our Midst is a book of inspiration not only for these moms but for those who love them. We encourage you to pass along a copy of the book to the single mom in your life, slip a “You Are My Hero” letter in the front cover, and give these everyday heroes the recognition they deserve.

CEO of Helping Hands for Single Moms, Chris Coffman is the source of inspiration for these stories.  His heart, his kindness, his vision is incredible. 

Author, Susan Sweet, worked countless hours interviewing the young women who are showcased in the incredible book.  Their stories will authentically reveal both their struggles and triumphs.  You will marvel at their resiliency, and be impressed at the role that Helping Hands for Single Moms has played in giving them a hand up and a fresh start. 


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