The Search - A Journey of Self-Discovery by Dawn Nicoli


You won't want to miss out on picking up a copy of The Search - A Journey of Self-Discovery!

So many lives are touched by adoption.  Immense gratitude and honor go to the adoptive parents, for all the love, heart, and investment into providing a good life for the children they made their own. 

Often, no matter how good of parents they were, there is something about knowing their roots that adoptees simply cannot ignore. 

Dawn's remarkable true story will touch your heart. This story is a trilogy that brings the unknown past and the present together to form the future.

Which is stronger?  One’s biology or the way one is raised?

Could it be a combination of both?

Journey through this novel as it parallels the lives of three women, bound by love, heredity, and environment.

In the summer of 1957, two women became mothers.

Maeve travels from Ireland to America with ambitious career goals and finds herself an unmarried immigrant, alone and with child.

Celia, a religious Italian woman, dignified and gentle, cloaked with the delicate love of a mother, brings to life a family with her husband and adopted children on the shores of New England.

A life is created and shared.  She is called Jane Marie and then Nicole.

A powerful and tenacious woman emerges, grounded in the DNA of a robust, high-spirited Irish woman, then nurtured and refined by a religious Italian woman.

 Bold and courageous, Nicole is now determined to chart her own course of life…

To discover who she is, by understanding her past, she creates her future.

A collection of thousands of moments becomes her search.

Dawn Nicoli is an accomplished professional photographer (be sure to check out her work!), living on an enchanted country oasis for over 25 years. This lovely sought-after B&B retreat boasts magical grounds designed with lush landscaping, cobblestone walkways, ponds, waterfalls, and interesting artifacts.

At this tranquil sanctuary, she offers massage in a cool cabana, Reiki treatments, or tarot card
readings in the treehouse, and a delightful pool, hot tub, and infrared sauna, all designed
for healing through the mind-body connection. Publishing and production companies have sought out her property for interviews and filming.

The luck of the Irish has followed Dawn through her life, starting with being adopted at three months old by a wonderful Italian family. At 32 years of age, she met her Irish birth mother and the rest of her biological family.

In this book, The Search – A Journey to Self-Discovery, Dawn shares her story with vulnerability, authenticity, and heart. She knows that many have undergone the same pain and longing to find their roots. Dawn believes that things happen for a reason or a lesson and that when things look their darkest, there is a rainbow just around the corner.

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