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We celebrate the launch of this amazing book while showcasing 15 contributing authors who bring their insights to the world in the form of fascinating stories and insightful musings. 

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In the vastness of the human experience, we sometimes overlook the relationships most precious to our hearts. That of our sacred privilege and responsibility to nurture all children. Conscious Brain Training from your heart is a key to cultivating happiness.

This book asks parents and teachers to reimagine how to teach and learn with their children. Instead of for them (and sometimes against everyone’s best interests.)

It provides easy-to-follow steps for how to neutralize negative programs with compassion, joy, and love.

In the words of The Mind Aware creator, Dana Wilde, 

"But the best benefit of training my brain is that I know how to stay emotionally aligned. I know how to be authentically, deeply happy. Happiness is something that all of us have at our fingertips. We generate happiness by the thoughts we think, and each of us can become focused, proactive thinkers." (Dana Wilde wrote the foreword for this book)!

This book provides a plethora of practices, techniques, and evidence of how to train your own brain for health, happiness, success, and creativity. The authors have also provided a myriad of styles to play with and model in your relationships, parenting, teaching, and businesses.

Once you begin to see the results for yourself, you will know how to model and practice with your children, students, and each other. Calm Parents Confident Kids: How to Use Brain Training to Raise Happy Resilient Children is a 21st-century essential reference manual for creating peace in your hearts, peace in the home, and more peace on earth.

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
- Carl Jung, 1959

Lee Collver-Richards writes in her introduction: 

The book you have in your hands will send you on a journey of total freedom – the EASY way. Don’t get us wrong, shifting our brain’s programs out of lifetimes of conditioned beliefs is a task reserved for only the brave of heart, stalwart of mind, and present in body.

In other words, anyone who has ever been, or contemplates becoming, a parent, a leader, a teacher, a
steward of new life.

As a parent, you are your child’s best teacher, and
they are yours. Each of us alternates between teacher
and student throughout our entire lifetime. The process
of growing and learning allows us to transform
that sacred, intimate, ever-so-personal, and unique
relationship with life itself.

Creating, investigating, imagining, innovating, playing, inquiring, and transforming are integral to healthy human life. As parents in the human family, it is our inimitable right to provide the foundations of a
healthy life for our children. Even, or especially, if we
never felt we had it available ourselves.

It is our hope to seed for you, Beloved Readers:
How to model the power of conscious thinking
for the children in your loving care.
● How to practice with them.
● How to celebrate every time they show you that they know and can consciously do for themselves.
● To heighten self-awareness and mindful
guidance practices.
● To commune with the qualities of virtue as
sovereign and interdependent human beings.
● To dissolve ignorance and live true bliss.
● To foster loving-kindness in all relationships.
● To provide a variety of approaches and practices
in how we can transform our brain’s unconscious,
fixed mindset.
● To shift our perspectives for the better and to
our advantage.
● To develop mastery and true freedom of choice
at every age and stage of our lives.

This book is for anyone who chooses to live as a
responsible human being. For to operate optimally,
the complex human mind requires ongoing direction,
through conscious choice, in every waking moment.

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