Break the Chains of Dieting by David Medansky

David Medansky began publishing books on weight loss back in 2018 with his first book called: Discover Your Thinner Self: A Common-Sense Approach for a Slimmer, Healthier You.

He joined the Spotlight Publishing House family in 2019 with the debut of his second book on this subject titled: "If Not Now, When?: Reduce Weight - Create a Healthy Lifestyle in 90 Days."

Now he brings us his third book where picks up from the previous two books, expanding on the subject. Our book launch is scheduled for November 16, 2021.

We present you his magnificent book:

David truly "gets" marketing. At Spotlight Publishing we work with our authors to seek out and acquire endorsements. 

He has done a magnificent job of doing just that... 

"With so much misunderstanding and disagreement on diets and weight loss, David Medansky offers an achievable, realistic, and simple approach for healthy and permanent weight loss that anyone can do." – Jack Canfield, New York Times best-selling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

"Have you promised to lose weight before? Did you keep your promise? It's a tough one. Will you keep it this time? We shall see. David Medansky has been where you are, he's been where all of us have been... he lost 50 pounds in four months. So, he can probably assist you with your weight-loss journey... David is a good guy. I know him personally."
-Dean Cain Superman, Lois & Clark
"Break the Chains of Dieting is a book I will recommend to all my past and future nutrition counseling patients. David delivers proven, real-world, everyday, common-sense solutions my clients need and seek. Maintaining weight loss is hard for everyone at all phases of life, but David's thought-provoking metaphors, stories, analogies, and lessons are spot on to help his readers learn the secrets for healthy and sustainable weight loss."
-Lisa J. Malone, MS, RDN, CDCES
"I love your book. The information is clear, concise, and well packaged. Hopefully, the clarity will cut through the bullshit excuses we all are putting up to avoid addressing the obvious issues."
-Dr. Stephan Neff - Consultant Anesthetist & Director Neff Anesthetic Services Ltd, Best-selling Author, Speaker, and Show host
"If you're ready to take your life and business to better levels and sustain continuous growth and improvement, then you must work with my friend David. Here's the great thing - he focuses on getting you laser-focused, cutting you through all of the clutter, and inspiring you to produce outcomes! He's on a mission through his speaking, live events, coaching, and online publications to make a HUGE positive difference in the lives of as many people as possible. And he comes from the heart and truly wants to help others. Do yourself a favor and work with David today! You'll be so grateful you did!"
-James Malinchak Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire, best-selling author of 20 books, delivered 3,000+ presentations and 1,000+ consultations
"David Medansky does a masterful job of exposing many of today's diet weight loss myths. If you want to lose weight without going on a diet read Break the Chains of Dieting."
-Kyle Wilson, Author of Success Habits of Super Achievers and Founder Jim Rohn International and
"Hey David, it's Chris Harrison from The Bachelor," he said in a text message video. "Your wife reached out to me to let me know that you made some pretty big changes in your life. Actually, you made some small changes that led to a big result. So, congratulations - you have lost 50 pounds, a big weight loss, and you've kept it off. She says you made some smart, small decisions that have led to a big change in your persona and your attitude. That is a huge move especially given the times we are in during this pandemic that makes it easy to make some bad choices.

So, for anybody that is making some positive moves right now, that is a good thing. Congratulations on the book as well. And thanks for being a part of Bachelor Nation.
-Chris Harrison Host of the ABC reality dating television show, The Bachelor

David Medansky also understands the power of building a launch team of people who KNOW - LIKE - TRUST him.

The endorsers as well as the advanced readers David selected as his launch team are the key to a successful book launch.  

“When You Eat for Your Health, Your Weight Loss Journey Will Take Care of Itself.”
– David MedanskyThe Overweight Person's Best Friend

  • Stop wasting your money on FAD (Fat and Desperate) diets.
  • The average person will try 156 fad diets over the course of their lifetime.
  • Have you tried and failed every diet and weight loss program, including the big national brands? Conventional diets not only don’t work they make you miserable. It is not your fault you did not lose weight on that diet. The diet is to blame. You did not fail the diet. The diet failed you.
  • Let’s face it, diets tend to be extreme, temporary, hard to stick with, and potentially dangerous to your health.
  • However, there is HOPE for you yet.

Isn’t it about time you Love Yourself Enough to Eat Wholesome Nutritious Foods and Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

David Medansky struggled with his own weight issues until July 2016 when his doctor told him to either lose weight or find a new doctor. He understands your frustrations. During the next four months, David shed 50 pounds, almost 25 percent of his total body weight, and has kept it off. Now he wants to teach you how to eat healthier so you too can have more energy, feel better, and improve your overall health without going on a diet.

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