The Art of Connection: 365 Days of Networking Quotes by Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Influencers by Robert W. Jones and Dr. Karen Perkins

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"Always TRUST your intuition because second-guessing kills it."   

– Shim Ravalia

If you are feeling alone and as though you have nothing worthwhile to add to the world, as it is so easy to feel during this crazy time of COVID, isolation and fear, then this book is for you!  

This book is about being a part of a community, both in the local sense and globally, not being APART from your community. THIS BOOK SHOWCASES a community that offers thought provoking insights, support, hope, and inspiration for those entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers who have working so hard to make a difference in the world.  Because at the end of the day, we all live for one thing, the belief that we were created to serve others.

The contributing authors have worked with Dr. Karen Perkins and Robert W. Jones in the creation of this book because they hold the belief that entrepreneurs and business owners are the backbones of a healthy economy. It is our goal to support other entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers during these uncertain times with the gift of heartfelt connection. And, arm them with the knowledge that NO ONE is alone.


"What can you do today to contribute to others?"

- Julie Weiss

Dr. Karen Perkins is a best selling author, executive coach and human behavioral expert. She has been invited to speaking on International Stages where she strives to share her proven secrets to personal success. Dr. Perkins' goal is to help guide others on their own unique path to find their own true happiness. 

Dr. Perkins earned her Doctorate in Business with emphasis on Human Behavior and Change Management, and has spend the last 30+ years mastering cold reading, emotional intelligence and honing her leadership skills. 

Dr. Perkins has been named one of the "Top 10 Women to Follow Globally in 2021", and is considered "Top 5 Change Management Coaches" in the U.S.A.. 

“Changing one life has a rippling effort where the entire world can be better with one single life impacted today. Every person on earth deserves to know they are loved, and things can always get better”.

- Dr. Karen Perkins


Robert W. Jones is an entrepreneur, professional craftsman, U.S. Marine Corp Veteran and the owner and founder of the iNETrepreneur Network. He spent much of his early career working with or helping to launch companies like Go Daddy,, Smart Marketing Technologies and LPL Financial. Robert later went on to launch his own online marketing agency, InSiteful Solutions. 

Robert is passionate about getting the message of entrepreneurs and business owners seen, heard and felt, to generate amazing results! When not working, look for Robert viewing the stars, reading/writing poetry and playing a variety of outdoor games with friends and family.

Robert's latest venture, the iNETrepreneur Network is a low cost, high impact way for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to create Impact, Influence and Income. Robert's unique approach to network and business development has led to dozens of awards, speaking engagements, company launches and press engagements. 


"As an entrepreneur, what ignites your imagination?"  

-Robert W. Jones


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