Amazing Woman It's Your Time to Emerge

Amazing Woman, it’s a radiant revolution.

It’s time to harness the infinite power

 to manifest a new purpose-inspired destiny!


Through this collection of moving, deeply vulnerable stories, relevant teachings, and essential guidance you will discover ways to create a NEW narrative of your future by taking forwarding steps to …

  • Close the painful gap between the amazing woman you know yourself to be and the voice you express in the world.

  • Set yourself free from old, outdated agreements to anchor your action in authentic power.
  • Consciously use what you’ve learned to elevate every aspect of your life and define your destiny with greater resilience, confidence and passion.
  • Transform difficult challenges into a deeper connection with your purpose and the courage to stay true to your mission.
  • Enliven the intelligence of your body to access greater enthusiasm, energy, happiness, joy, and fulfillment.
  • Awaken miracle mindedness to enrich your life and activate the fullness of your true prosperity.


A shift is underway, a fueling of a vast movement of women

who are answering the call for an elevated expression of success,

one that allows for a luminous partnership with an evolving purpose.

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It's an evolution of women's leadership infused with a devotion to move our ideas, creativity, voices, and vision into the world. It's about evolving, elevating and emerging together to build successful projects and brands and businesses positioned to benefit millions. Amazing Woman programs have been created on global, national and local levels empowering entrepreneurial women with educational resources to inspire transformation, deepen our web of relationships and ignite creative innovation in our own lives, in our communities, and in the world.



It was in March 2001 that women first joined in ten cities throughout the United States to establish the Amazing Woman Movement. To mark the first celebration, over 1,000 inspirational speakers, media personalities, well-being experts, and authors gathered to celebrate the creativity of women.


The Amazing Woman Movement is recognized with a U.S. Congressional Proclamation establishing the day as a nationwide initiative to celebrate the ingenuity and creativity of women entrepreneurs. Since that time, the Amazing Woman Movement has served to inspire thousands, possibly millions, across the nation and the world through LIVE events, broadcasts, workshops, retreats, and virtual gatherings.

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Featured Co-Authors include:

“Miracle Mindedness is an inner awareness, and readiness for grace and miracles.”

Vanessa L. Adlawan

Vanessa L. Adlawan

As an Empathic Energy Healer, Vanessa’s intention is to help you connect with the capacities to heal yourself. Vanessa offers private healing sessions (in-person and remote), mentoring and workshops. She also practices the transformational art of Dream Guiding and is a Remote Viewer/ Clairvoyant supporting people to identify hidden answers and suggestions for creating greater flow. Vanessa earned her MBA in 2010. She is the founder of a South Pasadena, California based healing practice and is a Transformational Author. She currently works as an analyst in the transportation industry. Vanessa has two grown children and currently resides in South Pasadena, California.

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“Revolutionary Beauty redefines beauty as an essence, a light that we source from within ourselves. That light is magnetic, radiant, and ageless! When we define how we see ourselves and how the world perceives us, rather than allowing that to be determined by an external entity, our power is unstoppable. Our impact is laser sharp. From this stance on the mountain top, women will change the world.”

Julia Loggins

Julia Loggins

Julia Loggins is a Digestive Health Expert & Certified Whole Person Fertility Counselor, and the creator of the Julia Loggins Courses and Products.  She is the author of two books, Dare to Detoxify! and It Takes Guts to Be Happy! A 21-Day Cleansing Plan to Heal Your Belly & Recharge Your Life." She has led a private practice in Santa Barbara California for 38 years, and her new book, "Revolutionary Beauty," written with the ageless health crusader, Patricia Bragg, launches in January 2022. 

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“Trusting in the power of your sacred soul will guide you to profound healing that gives way to the genuine expression of your authentic purpose, a purpose motivated by personal growth, expansion, transformation, and service.” 

Rocio Ortiz Luevano, LCSW

Rocio Ortiz Luevano, LCSW

Mrs. Rocio Ortiz Luevano is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Supervisor for Los Angeles County, Department of Mental Health’s Young Mothers and Babies Full-Service Partnership Program. She has worked with vulnerable populations for over twenty years and almost a decade, providing mental health services to young at-risk mothers and very young children. She is also a Reiki Master trained in First and Second-Degree Reiki.  Her passion is integrating neuroscience with non-traditional and spiritual practices into clinical work.


“Storytelling brings to light untapped wisdom, heals lives, and transforms hearts. It is a path for growth and sharing. In our well-told stories, we become advocates, unifiers, way-showers, truthtellers, and legacy makers. It is through the threads of our stories, that we weave together an empowered new world.” 

Becky Norwood

Becky Norwood

#1 International Bestselling author, speaker, & book publishing expert, Becky Norwood is CEO of Spotlight Publishing™. She is widely recognized for the empowering ‘story whisperer’ intuitive way she passionately guides others to become their very own story whisperer. She incorporates her methods with sound marketing that is the pathway for business expansion and audience growth. Becky believes that a well-told story is a gateway for growth, sharing, and a way to unite humanity. She is an advocate for the positive that comes from sharing our creative genius and impacting our world in positive ways.

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“The brain-body connection Is more important than we think, because the body is our energy center, the place where our vibration starts and the awareness that resonates who we really are, which is pure unconditional love.”

Conni Ponturo  

Conni Ponturo

Conni Ponturo has been in the health and wellness world for over 22 years and her greatest joy is for her clients to move into feeling more alive, more loving to their bodies, and vibrant.  Joy is the goal in your life along with a combination of movement and growth. Both of these can be achieved when you align with the deeper calling of your body. She shares her life with her husband Don and her 2 children Joey and Hannah. They are the joys in her life. 

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“Today I know that no matter how grief-stricken or heart broken, I must be willing to tap into Divine Source to find my magic. That’s when I can truly emerge in wisdom, grace and love.”

Bianca Torrence

Bianca Torrence

For over 21 years Bianca Torrence has served as a real estate professional in Los Angeles, Malibu and coastal communities, listing and selling homes, helping clients from diverse, multi-cultural backgrounds. Dedicated to the mission of advocating clean sports and empowering underprivileged runners and youth, she is the Founder of David Torrence Legacy Foundation (, is a co-founding member of Malibu CART for the Homeless, President of the Malibu Rotary Club 2017-2019 and award recipient of “Citizen of the Year” a Malibu Dolphin. Bianca is currently writing a book that shares the wisdom, tools and practices that allowed her to transform loss and grief into a new reality of love, grace, and magic.

More about Bianca Torrence and her work: and


“Use the power of your dreams to claim your unvoiced confidence, shift your perspective, guide you to your destiny, and make your impact on the world.” 

Debbie Spector Weisman

Debbie Spector Weisman

Using the proven power of Dreamwork to reveal Unvoiced Confidence has been the multi-year study of Debbie Spector Weisman.  She is committed to helping others find their voice through her private “The Dream Coach” programs and books. Her acclaimed podcast Dream Power Radio and TV show The Dream Power Show have reached thousands where she instructs on how to understand and use dreams for greater self-awareness and finding hidden answers to unsolved problems.

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“As we step into our evolving purpose, what we find is an unshakable bridge to set ourselves free from the boxes we’ve imposed upon ourselves – the ways we’ve given up our authentic self, compromised and suppressed our truth.”

 Marsh Engle

About Marsh Engle

Since 2001 women throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada have sought out Marsh Engle to help them make spectacular leaps in their career and business while inspiring transformation in their personal lives. Why? Because of her remarkable intuitive capacity for identifying untapped purpose, undervalued strengths, and forgotten passions! Her pioneering work in the field of women's success and leadership bridges both the internal and external aspects of feminine power and contribution.

As founder of the AMAZING WOMAN movement, she connects the dots between community and successful published products that amplify women’s voices, start new conversations, and forge creative bonds between change-making entrepreneurs.  

A bestselling multi-published and award-winning entrepreneur, her signature podcasts, DESTINY WRITING workshops, AMAZING WOMAN MAUI retreats and events have impacted the success of over 100,000 speakers, authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, healers, and career professionals.


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We must get ourselves talking from the fierceness of our authentic power. We must stand in the sacred truth of the amazing women we are meant to be and become.


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