S. Paul Moehring

Paul Moehring is a Business Coach, Author, Speaker and Sales Trainer. He grew up in the Midwest but has spent over half of his life in the Phoenix Metro area. He has worked with entrepreneurs and business leaders as a coach and mentor for over 25 years. His passion for helping people perform at their very best has been paramount to his success. The Get Squared concept that he has used with his clients for years has helped numerous people achieve success in their goal-getting process. 


About this Book

by S. Paul Moehring


 Are you so tired of setting and not accomplishing the goals you set for yourself that you don’t even bother setting them anymore? Get Squared will turn you into a Goal Getter and you will start stacking up wins and building confidence.  Paul describes in straightforward detail, how you can go from being average and experiencing a 4% success rate on achieving your goals to developing a win rate of over 70%.

This book was written for busy entrepreneurs, business leaders, and sales reps who want information in a condensed direct format that can be utilized immediately. It’s also written for anyone who would like to accomplish something that they just can’t quite get around to doing. This book will help transform the way you feel about goals, and the balanced nature of the process will make sure that you do not lose track of what’s most important in your life. A new version of you and the way you handle your work-life balance is just a few pages away.  What are you waiting for? Get Squared today!

Paul is available for 1 on 1 and group coaching engagements as well as speaking and sales training opportunities. His energy and presence will keep your group engaged. While mixing in solid fundamentals and principles as well as humor, your event attendees are guaranteed to leave with something they can use immediately. 

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