Analyn Scott and her husband Raymond founded 1 in 9 Charities in an effort to create hope and change the trajectory of kidney disease. Their vision is to save millions of lives through awareness, prevention, and expedited research and development of regenerative medicine treatments and solutions. 


About this Book

Compiled by Analyn and Raymond Scott


  • Bring Awareness: By providing research and data on the risk factors, statistics, treatment options and personal stories in a creative outlet, we will educate individuals at risk and give hope to those already affected by kidney disease
  • Promote Prevention: By promoting preventive and corrective practices and solutions, we will reach, educate and empower the public to take charge of and improve their health
  • Champion Regenerative Medicine:  By highlighting existing and upcoming treatments and solutions, we will help experts in the field of regenerative medicine bring promising treatments and potential cures to the patient level much sooner


The Why Behind 1 in 9

There is a powerful movement taking place.

Most adults who are “1 in 9” do not even know that they have kidney disease, much less are aware of the risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

Analyn and Raymond celebrate 22 years of life (and counting) since Raymond’s kidneys failed. As they reflect on the knowledge gained through our own experiences and from picking up the torch of advocacy, they realize that it is time to challenge the status quo and bring Kidney Disease out of the public shadows of silence and misunderstanding and confront it head-on.
– Analyn & Raymond Scott

The How

  1. Create a massive social movement through digital media, 1in9 Tribe Book, and the 1in9 Documentary
  2. 1in9 Tours – Exciting virtual and community events across the country to increase awareness and educate the public on risk factors and preventative health & wellness solutions
  3. 1in9 will identify top research doctors and experts to collaborate with and support the development of innovative patient-centric products and solutions
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