Paul Weston

Paul Weston grew up in Yorkshire, England, and after a youth absorbed in music and sport, and at age 16, joined the Royal Marines Band Service. Over the next 26 years he toured the globe making music and playing sport. On completion of his military career, he immigrated to Canada where he joined the North American corporate world consulting in Leadership Development and Sales. He also coaches executives and individuals in Time Freedom techniques.

Am Ironman triathlete finisher and international duathlete, his mantra is not to find time to do things, but to plan them. His Energy Zone theory adopts the principle that too much of our effort is wasted on pointless distractions, and too many people make terrible excuses rather than getting on with life.


About this Book

by Paul Weston

Running in the Rain isn’t hard – it’s just a bit uncomfortable at times. But doesn’t it feel good to know you stopped making excuses and just got out there and did it?

Life’s the same. You can either stay indoors making excuses, or you can get out and get on with things.

Paul Weston presents a systematic approach to getting more out of life by guiding you through a number of easy-to-use steps.

We have two options when it comes to going for a run in the rain – stay home or get wet. This book makes it clear that rain is a poor excuse – because when it comes to Running in the Rain - Seriously … how hard can it be?



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