CHRISTINE HOWARD is a recognized and respected business leader dedicated to creating transformative products and coaching services, books, and talks instrumental for awakening the radiance and power of women’s true essence and their ability to achieve their soul-centered calling.

Her passion and commitment to inspire the lives of women came from her own transformational heartbreak. Rising from a startling diagnosis of breast cancer followed by a painful divorce, today she is known as an expert on Radiant Achievement and teaches, and speaks to audiences everywhere.  She’s found that a woman’s level of self-love, appreciation, and connection to their intuition and unique gifts directly impacts their ability to manifest a purposeful and empowered life. 

As a visionary entrepreneur and certified life success coach, Christine has dedicated nearly two decades to guiding her clients to identify and dissolve patterns and habits that block their ability to create a life of grace and ease while achieving their highest personal and professional dreams.

About this Book

by Christine Howard


Radiant Achievement is a new way to innovate achievement that is inspired by your soul, nurtured through your creativity, and acted upon by your intuitive energy.

Radiant Achievement, simply stated, is the manifestation of a goal, dream, or desire that was first created from an inner calling or desire and then brought to life by connecting with and engaging core powers you innately possess. Let me restate this: You ALREADY possess these powers. I affectionately refer to these powers as the Powers of Radiant Achievement. These powers allow you to connect with and bring to life (manifest) your own expression of Radiance.


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