Carole Stizza writes with the goal of empowering her readers to embrace their own unique individuality and to communicate how much they value others. Success at work depends on it. She is a contributing author to Compassion @Work and Coach Wisdom, volume 1, and she pulls from a rich career in human resources, executive coaching, and supporting a military family across the US for twenty-six years. She holds a master's in applied industrial-organizational psychology from Colorado State University.

About this Book

by Carole Stizza

Be prepared to turn the tables in your favor! In The ASK Framework, executive coach Carole Stizza walks readers through how to gain positive, productive feedback from their supervisors, coworkers, and team members. With the right kind of responses, you can understand your strengths and discover your talents, leading to a better job performance, more focused leadership, and greater career success.

Through personal illustrations and real-life examples of employees and supervisors who have put Carole’s techniques into practice, you will learn to:

  • ask questions that trigger responses that note your gifts and talents;
  • control the negative and poorly delivered feedback;
  • position yourself to avoid paralysis associated with bad news;
  • revel in the value you bring to your workplace.


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