Betty Carew

Betty Carew is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional and a Certified Health and Safety Consultant. For over thirty years, she has been coaching and mentoring oil and gas exploration teams. Her work has taken her from the harsh environments of Northern Alberta, south to the Gulf of Mexico, and east to the North Atlantic’s ultra-deep waters.

For the past decade, Betty has been working with deep water exploration teams from around the world. Her experience has been all-encompassing-from working closely with onshore well preplanning teams to the execution and completion of work onboard drill ships. During these experiences, Betty had a profound revelation on the power and influence of human connection. She believes it is a testimony to the emergence of a paradigm shift in how we lead in this world. In this book, Betty shares, through story, experiences that changed her life. She helps us to remember a unique concept of leadership that is now emerging. In addition to speaking, Betty has created a system supports organizations transforming leadership to Heartship, a new way of being. Betty can be contacted at to schedule a consultation or speaking engagement.

About this Book

by Betty Carew

Venturing into the deep-water world of oil and gas exploration, veteran lead safety representative, Betty Carew, CRSP, CHSC, takes you on her journey to Water Isle. It is here where you learn what it was like to work as a team while employing the leadership practice she calls Heartship. Through story, Betty shares her journey working in a high-risk offshore environment where she uncovered the incredible value of human connection.



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