The 4 Pillars Of A Story Well Told

The Four Pillars of a Story Well Told guides you to the understanding of the impactful ways sharing our stories can make a powerful difference in the lives of others by bringing to light untapped wisdom, healing lives, and transforming hearts. Get yours today for FREE by clicking the button below.


"There is an incredible power that emerges through storytelling. Often it a path to great personal discoveries.
Your personal is story… the soul and depth of your story comes from the center of your being. It is your inner sense of meaning and purpose. Our entire life is made up of stories that come from life’s messy, rough patches, our triumphs, and our inspiring aha moments. The heart of your story is your superpower… one that carries your unique signature and connects you to others. There has never been a time in history that our stories are more
needed than NOW. To lead in today’s world we simply must share our stories. Storytelling can bring to light
untapped wisdom, heal lives, and transform the heart."

- Becky Norwood, CEO of Spotlight Publishing


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